International part loads

Rate request

Provide all info about the cargo


We provide price offer and transit time


We will fix terms of delivery and rate in written

Warehouse consolidation

Handling of the cargo and preparation for the delivery

Delivery of the cargo

Delivery of the cargo to the doors or to the warehouse


Payment of delivery as per contract terms


We provide all necessary dox for accounting department and bank

Part loads and LTL/LCL shipments ALT carry on regular basis from Far East region, EU and US. Below you will find transit time for part loads depending on region.


Place of loading Place of delivery Transit time, days
China Guangzhou, Hong Kong Moscow/ St.Petersburg 2-57
EU Moscow/ St.Petersburg 3-14
EU EUR 1-5


In order to get rate and delivery options please send request by e-mail to or contact form with following info:

  • cargo type and description
  • maximum DIMs of each cargo unit
  • netto and brutto weight of each cargo unit
  • time of delivery
  • additional requirements (for example, restrictions to stack, additional marking, repairs of covering e.t.c.)

Our specialists will contact you shortly and will offer you several variants of cargo delivery.

Marking of goods

Consolidation of goods

Packaging of goods